Our status page keeps you posted on any outages that may occur and when there is scheduled maintenance with an estimated time of restoration.

Current Outages:

  • Hurwich Farms Apartments - Building 4 is currently with all services due to fire damage (see corridor listing below).  We have a Technician on site with the goal of restoring services today, 8/10/20. 

Hurwich Farms - Corridors without service:   2644, 2654, 2664, 2674 and 2684.


Scheduled Maintenance:

  • There is no scheduled maintenance at this time. 

Bloom Broadband is committed to keeping our services working smoothly.  Scheduled maintenance is necessary to keep your services performing well and aims to detect and prevent issues that can cause outages.  In the unlikely event you are experiencing an outage, please rest assured that we are working hard to restore your service.