Ethernet Gateway Start-up Instructions.

  1. Unpack and install the foot stand so the Gateway stands upright (vertically) for proper ventilation/cooling of the unit.
  2. Connect the blue WAN port on the Gateway to the blue Ethernet outlet in the front bedroom with an Ethernet cable.
  3. Connect computer via an Ethernet cable to any of the yellow Ethernet ports.
  4. Install the power cord into the power port on the Gateway and plug the power cord into a wall outlet.
  5. Depress the power button (on/off) on the back of the Gateway. Allow 1-2 minutes for unit to power cycle. The top three icons, the world icon should illuminate. If a computer is plugged into one of the four Ethernet ports, that icon will illuminate.



To activate outlets in the living room and second bedroom connect an Ethernet cable (not provided) from any of the yellow Ethernet ports on the gateway to the corresponding Ethernet outlet in the front bedroom

  • Middle Ethernet jack is for the second bedroom.
  • Bottom Ethernet jack is for the living room.

Wire devices in the living room or second bedroom to the Ethernet outlet with an Ethernet cable (not provided).

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